Your 5-Step Guide to Navigating a Scary Stock Market

We really like Carl Richards, known as the “Sketch Guy” for his simple way of describing and sketching the “behavior gap”- the gap between what you should do with your money and what you actually do. His advice is clearly more pertinent that ever during these unprecedented and uncertain times. See how he describes and sketches “Your 5-Step Guide to Navigating a Scary Stock Market”.

Your 5-Step Guide to Navigating a Scary Stock Market2020-06-29T15:26:02-06:00

Reorienting in a Down Market

The last couple of months have been a trying time for investors. A strong 2017 upward trend (not to mention the prior [...]

Reorienting in a Down Market2019-01-11T09:55:24-07:00

Mid Year Commentary & Outlook

Read the complete Market and Economic Update in our July 2018 Newsletter here. Market Commentary: Following a first quarter during which broad developed [...]

Mid Year Commentary & Outlook2018-08-02T16:07:09-06:00

Control What You Can Control

Headline from the Wall Street Journal, February 5, 2018: And again from the Wall Street Journal on February 15, 2018: [...]

Control What You Can Control2018-02-20T09:48:06-07:00

Third Quarter Investment Update

The third quarter of 2017 was newsworthy on many fronts. We witnessed striking natural events including a total solar eclipse, three major [...]

Third Quarter Investment Update2017-10-31T09:35:48-06:00

Lessons for the Next Crisis

As the 10-year anniversary of the beginning of the Great Recession approaches, our friends at Dimensional Fund Advisors share reflections and takeaways. [...]

Lessons for the Next Crisis2017-11-28T16:13:15-07:00
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