Market Volatility Reminder

The following article, published by The New York Times on 11/26/18, shows how the total number of volatile days in 2018, as defined [...]

Market Volatility Reminder2018-12-11T12:08:52-07:00

The Economic Impact of Natural Disasters

While it will take time for the total economic impact to be assessed, Moody's Analytics estimates that hurricane-related costs for Hurricane Harvey may exceed $100 billion. Irma's costs are already $70 billion and expected to rise.

The Economic Impact of Natural Disasters2017-11-28T16:12:09-07:00

The Impact of Fund Expenses

One of the core tenants of the CCM investment philosophy is that expenses matter. This post from Dimensional Fund Advisors provides [...]

The Impact of Fund Expenses2017-08-07T15:20:01-06:00

Second Quarter Overview

Stocks continued to rise in the second quarter of 2017, defying expectations that the 8 year bull market must come to an [...]

Second Quarter Overview2017-08-07T09:50:05-06:00

A Vote for Small Cap Stocks?

In his recent Down To The Wire article, Weston Wellington, VP of Dimensional Fund Advisors, shares with us an example that [...]

A Vote for Small Cap Stocks?2017-04-02T14:34:57-06:00

Don’t Give Up!

Gloria Steinem Comes to Boulder and Reminds Us Why We Have to Keep Engaging. Gloria Steinem is certainly known for her points [...]

Don’t Give Up!2017-04-05T14:59:40-06:00

2016 Market Activity

“While losses in the stock market are never enjoyable, they’re still the best chance most of us have of seeing large gains in the future.” - Ben Carlson, Wealth of Common Sense blog

2016 Market Activity2017-09-11T13:35:26-06:00
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