RIAs Join The B Corp Movement

Many wealth advisors offer impact investments, but few have taken the extra step to become certified B Corporations (or B Corps). These [...]

RIAs Join The B Corp Movement2018-01-04T11:24:46-07:00

Investing to Support Women and Girls

Gender Lens investors put their assets with entities whose missions and/or practices help to advance the lives of women and girls.

Investing to Support Women and Girls2017-09-11T13:34:58-06:00

Economic Growth Picks Up

Economic growth picked up in the second quarter in the U.S., with a report of 3.9% GDP far exceeding the anemic growth that occurred in the first quarter, and it has held up relatively well amidst reports of slower growth in China and other emerging economies and a continued downturn in the energy sector.

Economic Growth Picks Up2017-09-11T13:41:29-06:00

Market Volatility and Performance After Downturns

Historically markets have been resilient following other market pullbacks of over 5%, and the S&P 500 has been positive in 80% of the calendar years since 1980.

Market Volatility and Performance After Downturns2017-09-11T13:43:18-06:00

Steve Ellis on Impact Investing

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of listening and watching my partner Steve present to The Financial Planning Association of Denver, “Impact [...]

Steve Ellis on Impact Investing2017-04-01T18:11:57-06:00

Social Responsibility = Financial Performance?

We recently reviewed this meta study about whether socially responsible investing adds value. We think the most interesting finding is that companies [...]

Social Responsibility = Financial Performance?2017-04-01T18:12:34-06:00

Not Many Funds Routinely Beat Market

The attached New York Times article highlights a recent five-year study of mutual funds in which consistently strong performance was found to [...]

Not Many Funds Routinely Beat Market2017-04-01T18:13:22-06:00
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