The Return of Volatility

Last year was a year of record low volatility in the stock market. The S&P 500 index including dividends, for the [...]

The Return of Volatility2018-02-09T10:43:08-07:00

The Economic Impact of Natural Disasters

While it will take time for the total economic impact to be assessed, Moody's Analytics estimates that hurricane-related costs for Hurricane Harvey may exceed $100 billion. Irma's costs are already $70 billion and expected to rise.

The Economic Impact of Natural Disasters2017-11-28T16:12:09-07:00

Update on Interest Rates

Happy Summer Solstice! We hope you have enjoyed the long and warm days leading us into summer, and that you continue to [...]

Update on Interest Rates2017-06-23T17:07:48-06:00

U.S. Economy Strengthened in 2014

Below is an article from our Quarterly Newsletter. It seems each day the economic outlook changes a bit, but here is our [...]

U.S. Economy Strengthened in 20142017-04-01T18:12:07-06:00

Not Many Funds Routinely Beat Market

The attached New York Times article highlights a recent five-year study of mutual funds in which consistently strong performance was found to [...]

Not Many Funds Routinely Beat Market2017-04-01T18:13:22-06:00
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