Colorado Capital Management gives your unique financial needs the personal attention they deserve. We take a steady, growth-oriented approach to your financial future. We manage your money by assessing and controlling the risk in your portfolio. Long term investment takes commitment and discipline.

To add value for our clients we focus on the following evidence-based investment strategies:

  • Diversification. We broadly diversify client portfolios over as many as twelve different asset classes. Effective diversification lowers investment risk (portfolio volatility) while maintaining – or, even potentially increasing – expected returns.
  • Cost Control. We vigorously pursue opportunities to save our clients money. This includes minimizing expenses from taxes, trading costs and fees. For these reasons, we are strong advocates of index funds, including exchange traded funds. These investments, recommended by many highly respected professionals in our industry, have often outperformed actively managed funds in many areas of the market.
  • Tax Efficiency. It’s not just what you make on your investments, but what you keep that’s important. At Colorado Capital Management, we strive to minimize the tax consequences of trading activity and maximize the benefits of tax sheltered accounts.
  • Risk Management. We seek to find the right balance between growth and safety, and to reduce exposure to potentially overvalued asset classes.
  • Disciplined Rebalancing. By rebalancing client portfolios back to target levels, we impose the discipline of selling a portion of those asset classes that have appreciated the most, and buying more of those that appreciated the least. Studies demonstrate that this patient and disciplined form of investing can substantially improve portfolio results.
  • Research & Analysis. We overweight portfolio characteristics (factors) that have historically added to returns or reduced investment risk. Examples of such factors include market capitalization, value orientation, profitability, momentum and corporate social responsibility.