financial planning for executives and entrepreneurs

Financial Planning and Money Management for

Executives and Entrepreneurs

Executives and business owners are some of the most intelligent and productive individuals out there. As a result, they often have the heaviest demands on their time. Left to their own devices, they may not devote enough attention to their personal financial planning and investment management needs.

Our trusted wealth advisors can simplify and enrich your life by helping you plan for your financial future and secure your family’s well-being. And, as a business executive or professional, you will undoubtedly appreciate the importance we place on thoughtful planning and disciplined execution.

Case Study:
Laura, Corporate Executive

Laura is a high-income executive in the technology field with rapidly growing investment assets. When she first met with us, she was planning to leave her current company, which offered her many benefits, including qualified and non-qualified stock options, an employee stock purchase plan, 401(k) plan and several insurance options. She had several different brokerage accounts, annuities and insurance policies. She had also recently parted with her commission-based broker after becoming dissatisfied with performance, service and fee structure.

The Details
Financial Planning & Investment Needs
The Solution

Colorado Capital Management was able to provide Laura with the independent investment advice and comprehensive range of wealth-management services necessary to get her investments back on track and simplify her life. We made sure she had adequate and competitively priced insurance coverage, reviewed her estate plan, opened college savings accounts for her children and made recommendations on her company options and benefits. In addition to these services, we found a significant gap in her personal liability coverage, which we closed by obtaining an umbrella insurance policy.

These are fictional client picture and profiles that provide case studies that represent unique individual situations and outcomes that have been presented to CCM.  Examples are for illustrative purposes only and may not necessarily be replicated.

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