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Building a Green Portfolio, represented by AI image of rising bar graph with trees in the foreground
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Building a Green Portfolio: How to Get Started

The world is currently investing some $2.8 trillion per year in the green energy transition, fueling growth and innovation in ...
A photo of the mediterranean coast

Turning the Mediterranean into Your Office

In my previous post, I wrote about my wife and I finding work-life balance while we are away for extended ...
Impact investing in Private Equity represented by computer keypad with Private Equity as one of the keys.
Impact Investing

Private Debt Impact Investing: Unlocking Social Change Through Strategic Capital

A revolving fund finances small businesses in India or Detroit. An infrastructure loan enables low income communities to install solar ...
Work-Life Balance represented by image of a small seaside town on the southern coast of France

Re-thinking Retirement: A Work-Life Balance Alternative to Traditional Retirement

As a financial planner, I often engage my clients in discussions about what truly matters to them, especially when it ...
windkraftanlagen auf dem feld
Impact Investing

Impact Investing for Climate Change

As climate change continues to pose severe threats to our planet and societies, impact investing emerges as a key financial ...
Impact Investing

Impact Investing in Sustainable Agriculture​

For people interested in impact investing—that is investing in assets that can potentially generate an attractive return as well as ...
Impact Investing

Impact Investing in Affordable Housing

Impact investing—that is investing in assets that can generate an attractive return as well as positive social or environmental impact—can ...
Social Investment Business Ideas ESG Governance and Environment
ESGWhite Paper

ESG Metrics: What are they and what are the common metrics you should be tracking?

One of the most common discussions we have with clients, friends and family goes something like this: “I have worked ...
Climate change from drought to green growth
Articles and Research

4 Climate Change Books Driving the Climate Discussion

The climate crisis continues to intensify, as we all experience its impact in fiercer storms and deadlier wildfires, in rising ...
Impact InvestingWhite Paper

The Pros and Cons of ESG Investing

Once the province of a relatively small number of socially responsible investors, integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics into ...
hands holding dirt and a small plant with environmental icons around it - representing ESG investing
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How to Pick a Great ESG Fund

Investing for Impact in the Public Markets If you are reading this article, you are likely interested in sustainable investing—aligning ...
2 wood blocks with Environment - Social - Governance written on them
Impact Investing

Introduction to Sustainable Investing

What is Sustainable Investing? For many high-net-worth investors, it’s not enough to earn competitive financial returns. They also want to ...
Annual Impact Report

Our annual impact report provides an overview of our work, the markets, etc…..

ESG Metrics and Insight Report
ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) metrics are an increasingly important way for investors to measure the sustainability and attractiveness of potential investments in large publicly traded companies. Learn more about the details of ESG investing and the related concepts of Sustainable and Impact Investing in our 2022 ESG Metrics and Insights Report.
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