Fee Schedule:
Choosing a fee-only, independent financial advisor means no hidden or unexplained costs.  Our fees are based on the amount of assets under management and are very competitive within our industry.  We generally charge an annual fee of one percent of assets or less.   This single fee provides for all of our portfolio management, financial planning, and impact investing services.   In addition, through the careful investment selection and access to preferred share classes, we often help new clients realize significant cost savings on third party costs such as trading expenses and mutual fund management fees.

Annual Fees:
Our tiered annual fee schedule is provided below. It provides for lower annual rates on larger accounts, with the following break points:

·       1.0% on amounts up to $1 million

·       0.7% on the next $2 million

·       0.5% on the next $3 million, and

·       0.35% thereafter

Minimum Quarterly Fee:
The annual fee is payable in quarterly installments, with a minimum charge for new clients of $2,500 per quarter (which may be waived under certain circumstances). This minimum fee is equivalent to 1% annually for a $1 million  account.

Independent Custody of Your Assets:
Having your assets held in your name at a major third-party brokerage firm provides you with additional security. It also provides for transparency – letting you see everything that happens in your account, whenever you want.

To deliver the best possible service at the lowest possible cost, CCM utilizes Charles Schwab & Co. for the custody and trading of most client accounts. Schwab is, by far, the most popular custodian chosen by independent investment advisors for client accounts. In addition to providing detailed monthly statements, online access, discounted trading costs, local offices, and strong customer service, Schwab is also one of the largest custodians in the country.

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