Embarking on your retirement journey marks a pivotal chapter in your life, where dreams of leisure, travel, and pursuing passions become your new reality. 

Our approach to retirement planning starts with a deep dive into your vision for the golden years. From there, we craft a customized strategy that not only secures your financial comfort but also enriches your life post-retirement.

Recognizing that retirement is a significant life transition, we are here to ensure that your plan evolves with you, offering support, insight, and guidance every step of the way.

A Different Way to View Retirement

Creating golden years in the modern age.

We create retirements that work in today’s world. Adapting to the shift towards more dynamic, extended working lifestyles—be it through semi-retirement or part-time work—our services are designed to meet these modern needs and opportunities head on. 

Our approach balances financial wisdom with the pursuit of staying connected, active, and purposeful. By promoting remote work in preferred locations, we’re able to harmonize career and personal interests. This forward-thinking strategy not only fosters personal growth but also acknowledges the desire of many retirees to remain engaged in work to some extent, offering a more satisfying next chapter. 1 2

Transition Planning

Smoothing your transition into retirement.

Transitioning from a career into retirement is a significant life change. We provide comprehensive support during this transition, focusing on both your financial preparations and your emotional and psychological readiness. 

This includes planning for phased retirement, business succession, lifestyle changes, and ensuring a seamless shift from a saving to spending mindset.

Customized Retirement Income Strategies

Ensuring you have an income that lasts.

We specialize in creating customized income strategies that ensure a steady flow of income in retirement. By analyzing your retirement savings, pension plans, Social Security benefits, and other income sources, we develop plans that aim to provide a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle throughout your retirement years.

Social Security Optimization:

Making the most of your benefits.

Despite widespread concerns about Social Security disappearing, Social Security benefits are expected to be fully payable until 2037. At that time, even if the trust fund reserves are depleted, ongoing taxes should still cover 76% of scheduled benefits.3 Therefore, deciding when to start taking Social Security is still a critical decision. We help you understand various strategies and timing options to maximize your Social Security benefits based on your individual circumstances, work history, and retirement goals.

Healthcare and Long-Term Care Planning:

Preparing for future healthcare needs.

Healthcare costs are often a major concern for retirees. We provide guidance on estimating healthcare expenses, including Medicare and supplemental insurance. Additionally, we discuss options for long-term care insurance, helping you prepare for potential healthcare needs in your age without compromising your financial security.

Retirement Account Management:

Managing your retirement accounts.

Navigating the complex world of retirement accounts (like IRAs, 401(k)s, and annuities) can be challenging. We provide expertise in managing these accounts, including advice on contribution levels, investment choices, Roth conversions, withdrawal strategies, and tax implications, ensuring that your retirement savings are optimized for your post-career years.
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