Noah Buscher

Earth Day 2021

Happy Earth Day 2021!  This year, EarthDay.org is focused on five major themes including climate change, plastic pollution, species preservation and more. Please click on the link for more detail  https://www.earthday.org/5-environmental-stories-to-look-out-for-in-2021/ As you likely know, Colorado Capital Management invests in promoting a more environmentally sustainable and socially just world. We offset our carbon footprint through …

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Rest in Peace

With a Heavy Heart

We are heartbroken. As you likely know from the news coverage, yesterday a shooter killed ten people inside a Boulder grocery store. That this could happen anywhere is unimaginable. That it happened in our backyard is devastating. We are shocked and profoundly saddened by this senseless loss of life. Our hearts and prayers and deepest …

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Tale of Two Markets

A Tale of Two Markets

Is it the best of times or the worst of times to be an investor? Our feeling is that while economic growth may accelerate into the future, the relatively high current prices for stocks and bonds, as well as many more obscure assets, suggest a cautious approach.  

Sketch Guy

Your 5-Step Guide to Navigating a Scary Stock Market

We really like Carl Richards, known as the “Sketch Guy” for his simple way of describing and sketching the “behavior gap”- the gap between what you should do with your money and what you actually do. His advice is clearly more pertinent that ever during these unprecedented and uncertain times. See how he describes and sketches “Your 5-Step Guide to Navigating a Scary Stock Market”.

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